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Used Medical Equipment Texas | United States

What is really involved in buying used Medical Equipment in Texas?

Speaking of used medical equipment in Texas, let’s talk about used MRI equipment.

Purchasing used MRI equipment can save you an impressive amount over purchasing a new one. By buying it from Houston Healthcare Equipment Specialties, you are assured that it has been thoroughly tested to meet your standards.

Where are you going to put your used MRI equipment? Hospital? Clinic? Doctor’s office? Imaging center? In Houston, Texas and throughout the United States, Jesse Moore, owner of Houston Equipment Specialties will build your medical equipment facility or remodel your existing facility. MRI shielding may need magnetic shielding on your walls, ceiling, and floor. Plus he has the rigging necessary to handle the installation in your facility and will even de-install any existing MRI medical equipment in Houston or beyond.

Once installed, your equipment will be serviced and maintained.