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Used Medical Equipment Texas | United States

What is really involved in buying used Medical Equipment in Texas? Speaking of used medical equipment in Texas, let’s talk about used MRI equipment. Purchasing used MRI equipment can save you an impressive amount over purchasing a new one. By buying it from Houston Healthcare Equipment Specialties, you are assured that it has been thoroughly tested to […]

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Houston Medical Equipment Definitions

Why would Houston’s full service medical equipment company have a blog with definitions? We know that there may be staff members from medical facilities who may be asked to make initial searches to find medical equipment in Houston, Texas and throughout the United States. These staff members may be support staff who have not actually […]

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Neurological MRI|PET Scans in Texas US

The Latest News in MRI vs PET Scans While MRI and PET Scans have been around for a few decades, they are now proving to be particularly useful in the treatment and diagnosis of neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) gives the doctor a picture of how the brain […]

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Medical Facility Profits in Houston

As a manager or administrator of a medical facility, you are interested in making a profit. You understand, of course, that income is a pivotal part of the profit picture. While being pro-active in cutting costs you need to keep an eye on income and hindrances to income production. The best medical facilities understand that […]

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Used Medical Equipment, Houston?

Used Medical Equipment – Houston By purchasing pre-owned, refurbished, used medical equipment from Healthcare Equipment Specialties, you will be saving up to 50 or 60 percent over buying from the original manufacturer or their distributors. Whether you need your used medical equipment in Houston, San Antonio, or other parts of the US or the world […]

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