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Medical Facility Profits in Houston

As a manager or administrator of a medical facility, you are interested in making a profit. You understand, of course, that income is a pivotal part of the profit picture. While being pro-active in cutting costs you need to keep an eye on income and hindrances to income production.

The best medical facilities understand that patients talk. Their family and friends talk. It is obvious that the outcome of treatments are important, but what your “audience” is going to talk about goes beyond what many managers, administrators, doctors and staff may consider. Perhaps it is time for you and them to consider the “health” of your facility’s “walk away talk.”

What are these people going to be saying about your facility?

You aren’t a retail shop that can add a line on the end of your bill saying, go to www….com and tell us your experience with our facility to automatically be entered into a sweepstake for a free surgery. Nonetheless, these people and the people they “talk” to are potential customers in the literal sense of the phrase.

With social media conveniently available at their fingertips, their talk may go viral as kudos to the facility or as warnings, which by the way, have even more of a chance of going viral. They may be “posting” these findings as they happen along with images to enhance their point.

As long as humans are involved, there will be mistakes, but the bedside manner of your staff needs to be kind… very kind. They may see people going through medical procedures day in and day out but for your patient and their visitors, the situation is not such a familiar one. Many will have emotional issues dealing with their relationship with those present. Financial issues, such as being away from making a living, to the final cost of what is going on, is going back and forth from their subconscious to their consciousness. And finally, there may be situations of not being able to take care of their normal family obligations.

In their time of “patient/customer service need,” these individuals are going to expect the medical field to deliver, at the least, as good as “service” as other professional services that they have encountered. High standards are expected without exception.

First and last impressions are the most important without ignoring what is sandwiched in-between. The intake person is not interrupted by a patient or their family. They are simply blessed that they have a person to process. The last person giving their good-byes to the patient and their families need to make the experience a pleasant memorable event.

All employee orientations and every subsequent staff meeting needs to have the issue of customer service emphasized along with innovative new suggestions of how to enhance it. Input from staff members should be encouraged and implemented.

Finally, a budget should be created for pro-active ongoing constant customer service improvement.

Income can be increased or decreased based on customer service, the pivotal part of the profit picture…. What changes can you make this week to improve your profit?