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Call or email us, Houston 832-866-3227, San Antonio 210-865-1889, Used C-Arms,Used CT Scanners, Used MRI Systems,Used Digital Mammography, Used Digital Xray, Used Ultrasound, Used CR Readers, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Texas Throughout the US and Internationally. Hurricane Victims with water damage, we do damage evaluation estimates for your medical equipment in Houston, Rockport and throughout Texas, Louisiana, Florida and beyond. You may use these estimated values of the equipment or estimated values of repair or replacement for your insurance companies needing information about the equipment\\'s water damage. We assist flooded imaging centers, doctors offices, clinics, and other facilities that have imaging equipment with water damage. In addition to the insurance estimates, we do water damage evaluations and value estimate evaluations. Our services include equipment damage appraisal, imaging equipment restoration, and imaging equipment removal and replacement. Plus, we service equipment that has water damage and restore the equipment if possible. That is our first priority… to attempt to restore your current equipment. We will do a full inspection of the equipment. Or replace it with sell good preowned or new equipment.

In addition to providing used medical imaging equipment in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Texas, throughout the US and Internationally, we de-install, transport, and install medical imaging equipment. Plus we offer medical facility construction and MRI shielding services.

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We Provide Preowned and Refurbished Medical Equipment

Contact us today for information about our current pre-owned/refurbished medical equipment and their warranties. We will share with you about how we save our clients in Houston, San Antonio, Texas and beyond up to 60% on their medical, healthcare equipment purchases!

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Houston Medical Equipment Relocation Services and Facility Construction

In addition to providing equipment sales we provide full medical facility construction. We can de-install, service, and relocate your medical equipment in Houston, San Antonio, or anywhere in the world.

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Healthcare Equipment Specialties owner, Jesse Moore.

Jesse has been in the medical equipment business for over 20 years. and is looking forward to being your resource for every aspect of your new and pre-owned medical equipment needs.

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Used Medical Equipment - Texas, US and the World!

  • We provide our clients with quality used medical equipment, medical facility construction, MRI shielding, medical equipment de-installation, relocation, and installation in Texas and throughout the US.

  • We test our used medical equipment to make sure that it is in good condition and is ready for your project in Texas and throughout the US.

  • We provide our clients with some of the best brands of refurbished medical equipment in the market.

  • We offer services to keep your medical equipment in top condition so that it will run smoothly.

  • Our services will keep your medical equipment in a condition that will net you a great resale price.